Weight loss method


Weight loss method


Weight loss method

Chinese medicine believes that obesity is more of a virtual standard.

For imaginary qi deficiency, if both yin and yang are out of tune, there may be qi yang deficiency, or qi yin deficiency, disease in the spleen, kidney, liver, gallbladder and heart, lung, clinical spleen and kidney qi deficiency, liver and gallbladder dysfunctionvisible.

The standard is mainly creamy and turbid, often with water and wetness, as well as blood stasis and qi stagnation.

Between the specimens, there are some differences between the virtual and the real, so the symptoms are complex and diverse.

In the case of the disease, the symptoms should be detailed, the tongue and the pulse should be grasped, the evidence should be found, the syndrome should be combined with the disease differentiation, and the carefully prepared medicine should be used to achieve satisfactory results.

銆€銆€The following are seven ways to lose weight in Chinese medicine.

銆€銆€TCM diet method (a) Wet method: used for spleen is not healthy, and it is obesity.

The symptoms are full, the greasy, and the veins are fine.

Representing Fang Ruize, Diarrhea Soup, Ershuo Decoction, Anti-Huangqi Decoction, etc.

銆€銆€Chinese medicine diet method (two) sputum method: for excessive turbidity.

Symptoms of qi deficiency, chest tightness, drowsiness, laziness, white tongue, fat tongue, slippery pulse.

Lighter use Er Chen Tang, Ping Chen Tang, San Zi Yang Qin Decoction, and heavy ones to control saliva, different soups and so on.

銆€銆€Chinese medicine diet method (three) Lishui method: there are micro- and sub-division.

Symptoms are obesity, edema, oliguria, bloating, white fur, and fine veins.

Micro-use of five-skin drink, guide water soup, small points to clear the drink, push out the boat pill, ten jujube soup and the like.

銆€銆€TCM diet method (four) Tongfa method: mainly to light discharge.

Mostly, obesity caused by eating fat and sweet taste.

Symptoms show evidence of obesity, abdominal abdomen, dry stools, inconvenient movements, breathing, wheezing, thick yellow fur, veins.

Featured Dachengqi Decoction, Xiaochengqi Decoction, Tiaowei Chengqi Decoction or Single Flavored Rhubarb Tablets.

銆€銆€Chinese medicine diet method (five) elimination method: for appetite without progressive obesity.

Ill see obesity, laziness, full stomach, and white fur.

In general, the meat is reduced by the use of hawthorn, and the area is reduced by the use of the gods.

It is a Sanxian drink, which has a certain effect on overnutrition.

銆€銆€Medical weight loss method (six) Shugan Lidan method: for fat, and also for liver qi stagnation or blood stasis.

Symptoms of obesity and hypochondriac pain, impatience, dizziness, burnout, bloating, yellow tongue red, pulse string.

Often selected Wendan soup, Shugan drink (Bupleurum, turmeric, turmeric, mint), Xiaofeisan (Amomum, Laifuzi), Xiaoyao San (pill) and so on.

銆€銆€TCM weight loss method (seven) spleen method: excessive spleen and stomach to rule the law.

Symptoms of spleen deficiency, weak appetite, body fatigue and weakness, white fur, weak and weak pulse.

Commonly used parties such as Shenbai Baishu San, Yigong San, Qishu Pill, Wuyi San and so on.


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