Don’t be too hot in the winter bath


Don’t be too hot in the winter bath


Don’t be too hot in the winter bath

In winter, people always hope that everything around them is warm, and the layers of clothing, the warm home under the strict insulation facilities are all symbols of happiness. Even when bathing and washing, they use hot water, which is considered to be able to drive.It’s not a good habit to take a cold.


The water temperature is too hot and will increase the heart load.

Cardiovascular internal medicine experts of the 245th Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army reminded that excessive water temperature increased the expansion of the epidermis of the whole body, and the blood flowing to the skin increased, resulting in insufficient blood supply to other organs, especially the heart and insufficient blood supply to the brain.

This may not be a problem for healthy people. It may be a little dizzy. It can be recovered after a while, but it is very dangerous for hypertensive patients. Once the heart and brain diseases are hypoxic, it may induce acute attraction of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


The water temperature is too high and the average skin is abnormally dry.

West Station Dermatology Hospital expert analysis: warm water bathing is better for the skin, because the hot oil heats the skin’s natural oil and washes it thoroughly, and this natural oil is the best skin-protecting substance, which is more dry than the skin care products after bathing.More effective.

For prone to dry parts of the body, such as feet, elbows, fractures, it is best to use hydrating and anti-drying to transfer skin care products after bathing, reduce evaporation of water and protect dry skin.


Wash your face with cold water.

The most direct result of hot water washing is to reduce skin elasticity, cause skin slack, and also prevent colds.

Because the stimulation of cold water can make the blood vessels of the skin shrink, promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, enhance the elasticity of facial skin, and effectively prevent colds.

The Department of Respiratory Medicine of the 245th Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army analyzed: when the human body is stimulated by cold air, the nasal mucosa contracts, the respiratory tract ciliary movement slows down, the blood vessels contract, and the secretions decrease, causing the resistance to weaken.

If you wash your face with cold water every day, you can increase your cold tolerance.

However, the use of cold stimulation to enhance the cold resistance does not apply to the teeth.

The temperature in the human mouth is constant, and the teeth and gums can be at a temperature of around 35 掳C for normal metabolism.

If you do not pay attention to the water temperature when brushing your teeth or gargle, often stimulate the teeth and gums with sudden heat and sudden heat, which may lead to various diseases of teeth and gums. If you brush your teeth with cold water for a long time, the gums will shrink and the teeth will loosen.


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