Women who are carnivores will eat meat are more beautiful


Women who are carnivores will eat meat are more beautiful


Women who are carnivores will eat meat are more beautiful

For women, pursuing beauty and health is a lifelong ES.

It is said that vegetarian women are the most beautiful, because vegetarians such as vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals, which can provide a lot of antioxidants and water. It is very important to maintain the youthful beauty of women, plus plant food.The dietary fiber contained in the body helps the body to be healthy and maintains a slim body. Therefore, too many women have become unshakable vegetarians.

銆€銆€However, why do you insist on eating vegetarian food, but the skin becomes dull and the hair becomes yellow and easy to fall?

Not only is it easier to get sick, but my mood is also low and irritable. Why is this?

“In fact, it’s all because of the troubles of vegetarianism.”

Vegetarians, especially strict vegetarianism, are not healthy, because there are many nutrients that are important to women that need animal food. As long as they eat meat correctly, women will not change.Fat, but can become more beautiful!

銆€銆€Lack of protein, skin and hair are not beautiful. Protein is an important component of all the cells and tissues of the human body. Every tissue of the human body: hair, skin, muscles, bones, internal organs, brain, blood, nerves, endocrine, etc. are all composed of proteins.

When the protein is deficient, some of the symptoms that women are most likely to find are that the original black and thick hair slowly turns yellow, dry, easy to replace, and it is difficult to grow long once it is cut.

銆€銆€In addition, the skin will become inelastic, the gloss and moisturizing will be reduced, the complexion will be yellow, and wrinkles and collapse will occur. The original long and slender nails will become dull and easily break and distract. These symptoms will make women look special.Obvious.

銆€銆€In dealing with these problems, many women choose to go to a beauty salon, hairdressing institutions for maintenance, or to buy health products, and some women will choose to spend a lot of money to buy expensive skin care products for external maintenance.

Although these behaviors can achieve certain effects in the short term, over time, if the protein is not well supplemented, these methods will gradually become ineffective.

銆€銆€The main foods rich in protein include fish, meat, eggs, milk and soy products. Apart from soy products, almost all animal foods provide high quality protein.

In addition, peanuts, walnuts and other nuts also contain protein, although there are certain quality proteins in the grain, but the quality of the protein is relatively poor.

Therefore, for women, to get extra, high-nutrition protein, the recipe contains enough fish, meat, eggs, milk and soy products.

銆€銆€Lack of iron women is more prone to anemia, pale and bloodless. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, if a person is always pale and pale, this is called “blood deficiency”, which is commonly known as lack of blood, from nutrition.From a point of view, this is mostly due to iron deficiency anemia.

銆€銆€If the lack of iron will lead to a decrease in the hemoglobin content in the blood, the ability of the blood to transport oxygen will be reduced, resulting in varying degrees of hypoxia, and the boots will affect the function of the organs of the body, such as dizziness, memory loss, fatigue, immunityLowering, pale and not rosy and other symptoms, and for women, women of childbearing age are more likely to have iron deficiency problems every month due to the loss of some iron during the menstrual period.

銆€銆€Iron is the most difficult to absorb in all nutrients. Usually only 1%-10% of iron in food can be absorbed into the blood. Therefore, iron supplementation is more difficult than supplementing other nutrients. Therefore, it is necessary to select some iron and iron.There are foods that are more easily absorbed in the form.

These foods are meat, including pork, beef and mutton, chicken, fish, animal liver, animal blood, etc. They not only contain a lot of iron, but also the iron form is easily absorbed by humans and can absorb the body’s absorption of iron in other foods.

銆€銆€It is rumored that some iron-containing plant foods such as spinach, fungus, jujube, etc. actually do not have good iron supplementation, and ordinary egg milk is not a good source of iron supplementation.

銆€銆€Lack of vitamin B12, the risk of cardiovascular disease causes the family vitamins to be a very important nutrient in the nutrition world. It has a characteristic that it is only found in animal foods and not in any vegetable foods.

Therefore, for complete vegetarians, the lack of vitamin B12 is the biggest problem.

Although the human body does not have a large demand for vitamin B12, it is an indispensable important nutrient.

銆€銆€In the absence of vitamin B12, it is easy to cause an increase in homocysteine, leading to high homocysteine, and high homocysteine is an important risk factor for cardiovascular disease, especially in older women.The decline in capacity leads to a deficiency of vitamin B12, and the risk of cardiovascular disease will be higher than that of young people who also eat meat, and needs to be recognized.

銆€銆€Vitamin B12 grows animal foods, mainly meat, animal offal, fish and shellfish, poultry and eggs. It should be noted that vitamin B12 is a substitute for milk and dairy products, even if it is milk, etc.Vitamin B12.

銆€銆€How can women eat meat healthily?

銆€銆€When it comes to animal foods, people naturally think of cockroaches, and then naturally think of getting fat, so they will subconsciously want to reject animal food.

In fact, as long as it is eaten properly, it will not absorb too much energy. The key is not to eat too much junk food. When cooking meat, pay attention to using better cooking methods.

銆€銆€No matter what kind of meat, pay attention to cooking, cooking, steaming, steaming, such as boiled chicken soup, pork ribs soup, steamed meatballs or stew broth, especially during cooking, do not add extra cooking oil, becauseWhen the meat is steamed, the meat will naturally be steamed out slightly. If you add too much cooking oil, it will cause too much energy absorption.

銆€銆€When cooking chicken soup, fish soup and other animal soup, the soup surface will often float a thick layer of chicken oil or milky white fish oil, be sure to remove the surface oil first, then drink soup to eat meat.

It is best to eat less fried frying, frying, and grilling meat. This will not only lead to the loss of high-quality fatty acids in the meat, but also increase the excessive amount of energy, so that the women in the family will usually fry.When meat, pay attention to controlling the amount of edible oil used.


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