[Ingredients for Tiramisu Milk Tea]_How to make_How to make


[Ingredients for Tiramisu Milk Tea]_How to make_How to make

[Ingredients for Tiramisu Milk Tea]_How to make_How to make

Tiramisu milk tea is a kind of dessert that many people like to eat now. The taste is quite sweet when you taste it, and it will feel very soft, but if you want to make it by yourself, there may be some difficulties. MainlyIt is about the preparation of tiramisu milk tea ingredients. This is actually very important. Be sure to prepare sufficient ingredients. If one ingredient is missing, it will definitely cause some changes in the taste of tiramisu milk tea.

Method of making materials Mascarpone: 250g, animal light cream: 150ML, gelatine slices: 10g (2 pieces), espresso coffee: 40ML, rum: 15ML, egg yolk: 2 pieces, water: 75ML, Granulated sugar: 75g, finger biscuits: right amount, cocoa powder: right amount, powdered sugar: right amount.

Practice 1.

Break the gelatine into small pieces and soak in cold water for 2nd time.

Pass the egg yolks to a thick state and set aside 3.

Water and fine sugar are poured into a pot and heated to boil into sugar water. Turn off the heat, and beat the sugar water (reduce the temperature) with an eggbeater, and slowly pour in the beaten egg yolks.

After the egg yolk is poured, continue to beat with an egg beater for about 5-10 minutes. At this time, the temperature of the egg yolk paste should have dropped 4.

Pour the cooled egg yolk paste into a large bowl and set aside.

The yolk paste must be thoroughly cooled before use.

Place mascarpone in a large bowl, beat with a whisk until smooth, and mix with egg yolk paste.

Drain the water from the gelatine tablets that have been soaked in the beginning, and heat it to completely dissolve to form a gelatine solution.

Pour the gelatine solution into the cheese paste previously mixed and mix well.

Pass the animal whipped cream to the soft foam (the texture has just appeared), add the cheese paste and mix well.

Mix Italian espresso and rum into a coffee liqueur (or buy ready-made coffee liqueur for tiramisu directly) 10.

Take a piece of finger biscuit and quickly dip it into the coffee wine, so that the finger cookies are filled with coffee wine.

Repeat this way until the finger biscuits cover the bottom of the cake mold (the cake mold is best to use a live bottom mold, the finger biscuits can be broken, almost full, there is no need to be airtight) 11

Pour in half the cheese paste 12.

Spread a layer of coffee biscuit finger biscuits on top of the cheese paste and pour in the remaining half of the cheese paste13.

Put the cake tins in the refrigerator to refrigerate and carbonize 14.

After the cheese paste has completely solidified, remove it from the mold (you can easily remove it by blowing it on the outer wall of the cake mold with a hair dryer), and sprinkle the surface with cocoa powder and sugar powder for decoration15.

If there are any remaining finger biscuits, surround them with finger biscuits for decoration


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